Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Last First Day

The title pretty much says it all, today is the last first day of college.  Last night I went to bed thinking how strange it was that college was 3/4 complete--only 3 years ago I was packing away my tupperware containers and obnoxiously pink PB Teen bedding long with a few Hello Kitty wall decorations and unpacking into Potter 2 or 3 (is it strange that I cannot remember?) at HWS. A nervous and anxious young Kylie walked around orientation without a clue in the world about the differences between individuals and what the world had to offer me.  I did the usual activities, poster sale and activities fair along with some going out once the "dry" days had ended. Needless to say, I was much more naaive than I am now...Remind me of this because I will probably think the same in the coming years.

Today I woke up ready for the day.  I started with morning yoga (isn't this new?) thanks to the many Sun Salutations I did with Emily in South Africa. Just following I make my amazing iced coffee and am now ready for the day.  A quick breakfast with Michelle and then I will make my way across the Genesee River to campus for my first day--two classes (easy peasy!)  Introduction to Web Design and Public Health Ethics...Bring it on.

So for all of you who are also getting into their last first days or their very first days or whatever day/ week this is for you, best of luck!  Start the year on the positive side and make sure to take time to enjoy yourself and the world around you. Sleep in a little, take an extra nap, go for that extra beer if you want, and make time for you and your friends.  Pull away from the tireless library dates and late night study sessions with books you are too tired to carry. Make the most of it.

If you're in the mood for a good laugh this morning check out the past four years...

First Day of Senior Year- High school

Pink pink and more pink...note the tupperware drawers!

Hello Kitty and more pink, oh and vera on a lanyard?

Self picture (lacking classiness there but oh well!)

Happy last first day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

On Heights, Sharks and Mountains: Conquering Fears

The past three week since I have been home have literally been flying by.  I am getting a bit nervous about heading back to school having had little time to spend at home this summer but am also extremely excited to begin senior year.  Wow, can you believe it? I am almost officially a senior at UR. Looking back on my past three years at college I realize how much I have grown and changed.  From entering as a freshman at HWS to deciding I would pursue a different major and switch schools in the fall of my junior year I have certainly made some big life decisions.

With my decisions came much anticipation of the unknown and whether or not I would be happy with transferring and starting fresh.  The answer is simple, I am beyond thrilled with my life at UR and I cannot even begin to fathom attending another school for my undergrad degree.  I love the people, academics and the social scene--everyone I have met has taught me something wonderful about life and even myself.  One of the greatest things that I have learned is to think outside of the norm and try any and everything new--including South Africa.  If you had asked me a year or so ago if I would be studying abroad working in medical clinics in South Africa I would have laughed but I went and I loved it and cannot wait to return someday in life.

Another thing that I have learned is how to conquer my fears whether it be meeting someone new, trying exotic or interesting foods and seeking out adrenaline junky activities.

For instance, the following three activities were some of the scariest yet most rewarding and exciting moments in Cape Town:

Shark Cape Diving

Bungy Jumping

Climbing Table Mountain

All three of these activities, in addition to my work in the community clinics and settlements each week taught me that I can accomplish whatever I desire.  While I may have needed some friendly coaxing and pulling from friends to get me up the mountain or into that stinkin' shark cage, I did it and I was damn proud of it, excuse my language. 

As I set forth on my senior year I am excited more now than ever to reach out and make the most of my last year at UR before embarking on (dare I say it) the real world. 

I plan on continuing ohsomiscellanea but as you can tell I haven't been able to update as frequently as I have in the past and that is because of two reasons, (1) I am extremely busy preparing for school and will most likely be extremely busy once I get to school and (2) personal journaling.  I started keeping a personal journal that I write in when I hopped the plane to Cape Town.  It served as a way for me to keep memories about the trip that were more personal to me than I would like to share on the blog and also taught me that personal reflection is an amazing and useful tool.

I am hoping to start training for a 10k as soon as I am cleared to full out run again (I have stitches in my back!) and am trying this whole sustainability thing with farmers markets and utilizing the amazing local farmers that surround the area.  More on this to come of course.  Until next time, enjoy the rest of summer while it is around!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Frozen Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Froyo Layer Cake

Long name, amazing results? I definitely stole that from some awful commercial with a phone number that is easy to memorize but oh well.  I have no idea what to call this dessert so Frozen Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Froyo Layer Cake will just have to suffice.

Some amazing girl, Carla, From UR and Alpha Phi told me about this dessert the other day and I HAD HAD HAD to try it out.  Of course now the weather is muggy and rainy so it isn't exactly the best time to be enjoying it at a BBQ but I had a slice the other night and it hit the spot.  Trust me when I tell you its easy and delicious.

Frozen Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Froyo Layer Cake
adapted from Carla G.

1 box cake mix (carla used vanilla I took the lemon route)
**try substituting plain apple sauce for the oil to save on fat and calories
1 pint frozen yogurt (Raspberry Chocolate Chunch Greek Yogurt by Ben and Jerry's for me)
1 container Cool Whip Lite
2 Throw away aluminum loaf pans

1. mix and bake cake mix in the two loaf pans (separated evenly)
2. Meanwhile, place froyo and cool whip in refrigerator or on counter to let thaw
3. remove from pans and let cool
4. slice cakes length wise and remove the very top layer
5. combine froyo and part of the cool whip (to desired texture)
6. layer back in loaf pans alternating cake/froyo mix/cake
7. place remaining cool whip on top and decorate with berries if desired
8. place in freezer and remove approx. 15 minutes prior to eating
9. slice and enjoy :)

Thanks Carla!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week in Pictures

It has been a busy week or two weeks rather, since I arrived back home.  I promise to add some of these recipes (along with more to come) once I have some free time in my life.

Mumford and Sons impromptu concert.  Thanks to my mom who literally ran to the box office to get us lawn seats and a few friends that had tickets for under the shell.  The concert was AMAZING--so talented! 

Last weekend Brendan took me to the adirondack's with his family. By far one of my top 3 favorite places in the world to visit. The weekend was filled with amazing food, people, hiking, kayaking among other activities.

Carla, one of my friends from UR and a fellow APhi sister told me about this delicious and easy frozen dessert.  I adapted it a bit and made this sort of Lemon cake and chocolate raspberry frozen yogurt layer cake...YUM.

I cannot remember if I mentioned that I had given a bag of items to Egoli but I tossed my runnings sneakers in with the clothing and food pile.  They were of little use to me for running but they were still perfectly fine for someone else to wear on a daily basis. I came home and was getting antsy about running so my mom took me yesterday to get these bad boys.  I went to Medved running hoping for some serious pair of Brooks but they just didn't feel right on my feet and ironically these school bus yellow ugly Asics (that are one step away from minimalists or pure) felt like heaven so I'll be rocking these for quite some time!

First lake run post-south africa and in my new sneakers!

Mexican Breakfast Wrap

I've been attempting to blog for days now.  Now more than ever I have had people tell me that they're catching up with my life or finding recipes to try on ohsomiscellanea and needless to say I'm pumped.

After being home for a little over a week I am finally settling into somewhat of a routine which will hopefully last until I head back to school in a few short weeks.  It is so hard to believe that the summer (my six weeks in Cape Town to be exact) flew by so fast and now I am back home in NY. Part of me wishes that I was still in South Africa but there is a bigger part of me that both wanted and needed to be home.

So, starting back with something is a delicious breakfast wrap that I whipped up a few days ago:

So simple yet so delicious.

2 eggs scrambled with crushed red pepper and parsley
Dark leafy lettuce
multigrain wrap
goat feta
Black bean burrito filling (leftovers!)

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