Monday, January 31, 2011


Our very first photography assignment was to take photographs using a pinhole camera.  This is a basic camera made from anything resembling a small dark box (we used a paint can).  There is a small "pinhole" which allows light to seep in and capture an image on photo paper.

The pinhole camera we used resembles the one above and these are some of the photographs we were able to take while using it:

The simplicity of them is what I am in love with.  The top photo was made into a positive while the bottom remains a negative print.  Who would have thought you can do this with a paint can?  It is so cool!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Photography class started with making our own cameras and have moved onto bigger and better things, that being composition.  It seems super boring but is actually pretty cool! We are learning where to position subjects in our pictures and how lines can tell a story etc.  Its all in the framing & depth.

Assignment: keep a body part on the X the professor places you on and take pictures for 20 minutes, so difficult but these are a few photographs I took:

Okay, I grant that they do look a little boring but I was placed next to a railing looking over Houghton House (art dept/gallery building) which is actually BEAUTIFUL and would have shown if I was in that part of the house!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 I figured since I had been posting quite a bit about running lately I should switch it up a bit--the blog is entitled miscellanea for a reason, I could have called it "Running a Half-Marathon" or "Run4life" but I didn't so here are some sick beats to drive/run/chill to.

I should probably dedicate or at least point out that this post would not have been possible without Brendan and his stupendous skill at identifying up and coming artists.  So this is his most recent find that I also agree is a MUST HEAR.

The video above is of the song "Runaway" which is one of my personal fav's from Laws mixtape 5:01 overtime. Courtesy of not only Brendan but also my favorite music blog Fresh New Tracks.

The mixtape also includes a few tracks produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League which includes a freestyle of some sort over Calvin Harris's Flashback.

Other songs to look out for from this artist:
Hold You Down
Vintage Futuristic 2

If I could find one word to describe him it'd be Smooth, his style is catchy and on fire, this guy better be on the radio ASAP.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tomorrow is the day. The day to start training for the half marathon!  Thank GOD it is a stretch/strengthen day (I am using the Hal Higdon training schedule) because it is going to be frigid.  And no, I don't just mean cold--I am talking 0 with a "real feel" windchill of like -13.  No amount of inhaler puffs would get me through that alive.

Wish me luck!

Here is my current route:

 and a little motivation:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Away We Go.

Two exciting things about today: (1) I make the long trek back to Hobart (a whole 15 minutes) and (2) I am officially signed up for the Flower City Half Marathon!

I attempted to pack "lightly" for winter break this year and to my dismay it was an EPIC FAIL.  I still managed to have tremendous amounts of clothes, accessories, and just miscellaneous junk which just has to come back with me.

As far as the Half Marathon goes, Hannah officially signed up yesterday so I had this dying urge to just do it (no pun intended since I am a HUGE lover of Nike).  

Thats her and Alex after their Marathon this fall! (sorry for stealing this photo).  Thanks for the inspiration guys :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


About a week from today I start training for the Flower City Challenge- Rochester Half Marathon.  The race will be MAY 1st and since I am visiting Brendan in London for a week I have to start a bit earlier than 12 weeks.  
I ran in the Riesling Run 5k this summer with two of my best friends Mandy and Cara but its time for something more umm advanced?  Challenging?

I will probably rant about training here so bare with me.  For example, I decided to run outside today in the snowy freezing 20 degree weather and forgot my inhaler (how dumb?).  Needless to say, I am rather forgetful at times and tend to be a bit of an times. 

Some must-haves for winter:
LL. Bean Stabilicers (only $19.99!)  No slipping and sliding!

Oh and I am in the process of ordering a Road ID bracelet!
Thanks for the idea Hannah...I like the idea of being identified easily in case someone decides to run me over...Carrying a blackberry can get annoying!

Turn it Up.

Tonight I met the Abbotts crew at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Oh how I miss them and summer in general.  Please tell me something you think is better than frozen custard (or yogurt) and summer days?

Besides anticipating the vast number of choices offered at the restaurant I was also excited about the music I have added in the past two weeks.  From a few great new artists that have yet to hit the radio (yes I'm a music snob and am somewhat reluctant to post their names), to BRITNEY SPEARS.

Hold it against me already has various remixes which have been released on various music blogs but I think I'll stick with the original for now.  

It not only has an electro-pop feel (which I am totally into), but also has a DUBSTEP sequence, which isn't half bad considering the music Britney usually makes.  The music industry is changing and for the better.

Remember her debut single of Baby One more Time?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day.

Snow.  You love it or hate it or you find a way to "deal with it".  I look forward to winter each year because I LOVE the snow.  Yesterday we had a huge snow storm and I just had to test out my new camera!  The Canon Rebel T1i SLR camera is a gift I received from my parents and after reading the manual I know this: IT'S CONFUSING.
So, amidst the flurries and plows attempting to run us over, my friend Kristen and I explored Canandaigua, NY. 

The Pier:

Onanda Park:

Main Street:

Monday, January 10, 2011


So maybe it isn't actually TOMS wearing weather yet, but why not get prepared for spring?
To the best of my knowledge, sparkles are still "in"...Thank god!  I am a typical girly girl who loves sparkle and pizzazz and does so by combining preppy + girly outfits.

What in my shopping cart for spring?

These Silver Moroccan Classics are only $54 and support a good cause.  Wouldn't these look adorable with some jean shorts and a cute causal flouncy top?  They'd be perfect for romping around the quad & not too bad for perusing store fronts!

The one-for-one movement started by TOMS creator Blake Mycoskie is intended to supply shoes to those who have none.  One-for-one simply means for every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need.  

Saratoga Springs.
I should first introduce Brendan before I go to far.  
Brendan is my boyfriend of almost two and a half years who is will be studying abroad in London this semester.  For Christmas we decided to spend the day together and chose Saratoga Springs.  I was skeptical at first because I thought it was mainly a summer attraction, but to my surprise, it was still gorgeous in the winter!
We went on a day without snow and it was bitter cold but the town was much like Canandaigua and the State Park was amazing.

A few photo's from the day:



 The introduction.

A good introduction would probably have a picture of just me, the blogger, but I have just come to the stark realization that I don't actually have many photographs of JUST ME, so for now, you will have to live with words.

I originally planned to start my blog when I study abroad next fall in Maastricht, Netherlands but I was told by a few close friends that my life actually isn't as boring as I thought- shocking! So here I am typing away while sipping my second (or third) cup of coffee.

I've been told I have planning issues, I am a HUGE planner.  So, to live up to the label of "extreme planner," here are a few things I want to do:

1. Share my photography.   I recently purchased my first D-SLR camera and am taking a photography class this semester.  I am a picture junkie, I live for taking pictures and though so may find it to be a dying art, I actually develop them (yes its true, someday we may not rely on Facebook for photos).
2. Indulge myself with great recipes for cooking and baking, when I'm home of course.  I have a new found love for cooking/baking and have been living in Wegmans this winter break.
3. The Half Marathon.  enough said?  Well, I am supposed to start training the 26th of January (lets hope!).
4. Traveling.  I am addicted to traveling and though I wish I was able to travel more often, I will have ample opportunities next fall. Europe 2011, Can't wait!

The most recent photography of me.  Place: Saratoga Springs, NY.  My boyfriend, Brendan, and I visited this gorgeous area over Christmas break.  It was beautiful and I would love to see it in the summertime.

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