Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 I figured since I had been posting quite a bit about running lately I should switch it up a bit--the blog is entitled miscellanea for a reason, I could have called it "Running a Half-Marathon" or "Run4life" but I didn't so here are some sick beats to drive/run/chill to.

I should probably dedicate or at least point out that this post would not have been possible without Brendan and his stupendous skill at identifying up and coming artists.  So this is his most recent find that I also agree is a MUST HEAR.

The video above is of the song "Runaway" which is one of my personal fav's from Laws mixtape 5:01 overtime. Courtesy of not only Brendan but also my favorite music blog Fresh New Tracks.

The mixtape also includes a few tracks produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E League which includes a freestyle of some sort over Calvin Harris's Flashback.

Other songs to look out for from this artist:
Hold You Down
Vintage Futuristic 2

If I could find one word to describe him it'd be Smooth, his style is catchy and on fire, this guy better be on the radio ASAP.

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