Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last weekend, and yes I understand that I am writing this out of order and a bit late, I stopped by the Fairport Canal Days.  Comparable to Canandaigua's own "Main Street Show" or the "Waterfront Festival" there was a multitude of vendors from all different walks of life.  Festivals get me sometimes because of (a) the strange people you meet and (b) all the wacky stuff people sell but sometimes you find a hidden treasure that you'll cherish forever.  Sadly, Canal Days did not provide me with any such treasures but instead a rather tasty Cheeseburger which later turned out to be...not so tasty.

Afterwards I ventured over to a seven year olds birthday party, of course it was Hannah my friend Mandy's younger sister.  She so secretly told me to attend and forgot to mention that I would be swimming and supervising/ face painting the faces of her friends, oops!  Fortunately my doggy paddle style of swimming sufficed for such a shallow pool and the deep end was not too challenging haha, I actually had a great time.

I have been lacking in the whole photography aspect of this blog quite a lot, my apologies.  Someday I will stop being lazy and actually do some good posts that take more than 5 minutes of my time.  Until then enjoy the rain.

Friday, June 10, 2011

French Dining & Classic Movies.

Last night Brendan and I decided to tackle my new cookbook Around My French Table by choosing Chicken Diable or more literally, Chicken Devil.  The dish, which incorporates a rather rich grainy mustard sauce was juicy and a perfect way to end our thursday.  For a side we paired the chicken with some broiled asparagus brushed with EVOO, salt and pepper and topped with a glass of dry white wine from Bully Hill Vineyards.


We completed the evening with watching Casa Blanca, yes a classic indeed.  I remember the first classic I saw, Some Like it Hot and all I could think was oh no it's black and white!  Luckily Brendan assured me that my time would not be wasted and I was pleasantly surprised.

Casa Blanca proved to be a true classic film and I suggest it to anyone who will take the chance with a B&W.  Set during the time of WWII in unoccupied Africa, a couple comes to Casa Blanca in hopes of reaching America.  Victor and Ilsa had escaped Occupied France together as a married couple but surprises and secrets are revealed once they enter Rick's Cafe American.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Outdoor-sy Photography.

Okay okay I understand that my posts have been lacking in both numbers and creativity.  You would think that a girl with 1 job which takes up not even 20 hours a week could come up with something better than photography and a pasta salad.  I will try to improve, really.  But for now, you're stuck with this.  However, it is the weekend and an exciting one at that so look forward to some new and exciting posts about Kabobs, Abbott's, Festivals and maybe even a BBQ (if I can convince Brendan the non-planner or the relationship!)

For now we can focus on a few photos I took at both the George Eastman House and Onanda Park respectfully located in Rochester and Canandaigua New York.

The George Eastman House (outside the Gardens):

Onanda Park, Canandaigua Lake (Hike to the waterfalls):

A few of my babygirl frolicking in the yard:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colorful Pasta Salad.

Sometimes during the summer months I struggle with what to fix myself for lunch.  Its either too hot out or cold and rainy, we can't win!  Summer for me means lots of fruits and veggies along with many grill nights.  However, we are still left mulling over either a sandwich or salad and what not.  Today I found the cure for this dilemma, Pasta Salad.

Easy Pasta Salad without measuring!

Whole Wheat Noodles (however much you'd like)
Tomatos preferably the colorful ones
Katamala Olives
Red Pepper
Artichoke Hearts
 Feta Cheese
Italian dressing

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