Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last weekend, and yes I understand that I am writing this out of order and a bit late, I stopped by the Fairport Canal Days.  Comparable to Canandaigua's own "Main Street Show" or the "Waterfront Festival" there was a multitude of vendors from all different walks of life.  Festivals get me sometimes because of (a) the strange people you meet and (b) all the wacky stuff people sell but sometimes you find a hidden treasure that you'll cherish forever.  Sadly, Canal Days did not provide me with any such treasures but instead a rather tasty Cheeseburger which later turned out to be...not so tasty.

Afterwards I ventured over to a seven year olds birthday party, of course it was Hannah my friend Mandy's younger sister.  She so secretly told me to attend and forgot to mention that I would be swimming and supervising/ face painting the faces of her friends, oops!  Fortunately my doggy paddle style of swimming sufficed for such a shallow pool and the deep end was not too challenging haha, I actually had a great time.

I have been lacking in the whole photography aspect of this blog quite a lot, my apologies.  Someday I will stop being lazy and actually do some good posts that take more than 5 minutes of my time.  Until then enjoy the rain.

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