Friday, August 19, 2011

A Leave of Absence.

I was planning to return to blogging once I went to school, however, I have been told by multiple people that I should start up again a bit sooner.  So lets start by discussing a slight change of plans to my life.  Slight might actually be the understatement of the year but whose really judging?  

Leaving HWS last May I had the intention of studying abroad this fall in Maastricht Netherlands, if you recall any of the previous posts.  However, I also had little to no desire in returning to HWS after my abroad term so instead I chose to apply to University of Rochester.  UR has the program that I was hoping to "create" at HWS but was unable to do so, Public Health.  The specific major is dubbed Health, Behavior and Society which combines my interest in Philosophy (specifically ethics), Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology...not to mention some natural science courses that I am dreading!

I found out that I was accepted to UR at the end of June and after racing to my mailbox day after day I finally received a large "Welcome to University of Rochester" envelope.  The day was perfect.  Brendan took me out to dinner to celebrate and then the rest is history...kind of.  I wasn't given housing so I will actually be living in an off-campus house with housemates I found on Craig's List...I still love to tell this story just because I never thought Craig's List could be so reliable and useful!

So I will officially be a Yellowjacket as of next Wednesday. Horray! I am beyond excited to start my new journey in Rochester, not only studying at UR but also being able to learn more about the city itself, starting with the South Wedge (Which is where my house is located).

Wish me luck!

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