Friday, June 10, 2011

French Dining & Classic Movies.

Last night Brendan and I decided to tackle my new cookbook Around My French Table by choosing Chicken Diable or more literally, Chicken Devil.  The dish, which incorporates a rather rich grainy mustard sauce was juicy and a perfect way to end our thursday.  For a side we paired the chicken with some broiled asparagus brushed with EVOO, salt and pepper and topped with a glass of dry white wine from Bully Hill Vineyards.


We completed the evening with watching Casa Blanca, yes a classic indeed.  I remember the first classic I saw, Some Like it Hot and all I could think was oh no it's black and white!  Luckily Brendan assured me that my time would not be wasted and I was pleasantly surprised.

Casa Blanca proved to be a true classic film and I suggest it to anyone who will take the chance with a B&W.  Set during the time of WWII in unoccupied Africa, a couple comes to Casa Blanca in hopes of reaching America.  Victor and Ilsa had escaped Occupied France together as a married couple but surprises and secrets are revealed once they enter Rick's Cafe American.

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