Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Outdoor-sy Photography.

Okay okay I understand that my posts have been lacking in both numbers and creativity.  You would think that a girl with 1 job which takes up not even 20 hours a week could come up with something better than photography and a pasta salad.  I will try to improve, really.  But for now, you're stuck with this.  However, it is the weekend and an exciting one at that so look forward to some new and exciting posts about Kabobs, Abbott's, Festivals and maybe even a BBQ (if I can convince Brendan the non-planner or the relationship!)

For now we can focus on a few photos I took at both the George Eastman House and Onanda Park respectfully located in Rochester and Canandaigua New York.

The George Eastman House (outside the Gardens):

Onanda Park, Canandaigua Lake (Hike to the waterfalls):

A few of my babygirl frolicking in the yard:

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