Sunday, January 16, 2011


About a week from today I start training for the Flower City Challenge- Rochester Half Marathon.  The race will be MAY 1st and since I am visiting Brendan in London for a week I have to start a bit earlier than 12 weeks.  
I ran in the Riesling Run 5k this summer with two of my best friends Mandy and Cara but its time for something more umm advanced?  Challenging?

I will probably rant about training here so bare with me.  For example, I decided to run outside today in the snowy freezing 20 degree weather and forgot my inhaler (how dumb?).  Needless to say, I am rather forgetful at times and tend to be a bit of an times. 

Some must-haves for winter:
LL. Bean Stabilicers (only $19.99!)  No slipping and sliding!

Oh and I am in the process of ordering a Road ID bracelet!
Thanks for the idea Hannah...I like the idea of being identified easily in case someone decides to run me over...Carrying a blackberry can get annoying!

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