Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Last First Day

The title pretty much says it all, today is the last first day of college.  Last night I went to bed thinking how strange it was that college was 3/4 complete--only 3 years ago I was packing away my tupperware containers and obnoxiously pink PB Teen bedding long with a few Hello Kitty wall decorations and unpacking into Potter 2 or 3 (is it strange that I cannot remember?) at HWS. A nervous and anxious young Kylie walked around orientation without a clue in the world about the differences between individuals and what the world had to offer me.  I did the usual activities, poster sale and activities fair along with some going out once the "dry" days had ended. Needless to say, I was much more naaive than I am now...Remind me of this because I will probably think the same in the coming years.

Today I woke up ready for the day.  I started with morning yoga (isn't this new?) thanks to the many Sun Salutations I did with Emily in South Africa. Just following I make my amazing iced coffee and am now ready for the day.  A quick breakfast with Michelle and then I will make my way across the Genesee River to campus for my first day--two classes (easy peasy!)  Introduction to Web Design and Public Health Ethics...Bring it on.

So for all of you who are also getting into their last first days or their very first days or whatever day/ week this is for you, best of luck!  Start the year on the positive side and make sure to take time to enjoy yourself and the world around you. Sleep in a little, take an extra nap, go for that extra beer if you want, and make time for you and your friends.  Pull away from the tireless library dates and late night study sessions with books you are too tired to carry. Make the most of it.

If you're in the mood for a good laugh this morning check out the past four years...

First Day of Senior Year- High school

Pink pink and more pink...note the tupperware drawers!

Hello Kitty and more pink, oh and vera on a lanyard?

Self picture (lacking classiness there but oh well!)

Happy last first day!

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