Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week in Pictures

It has been a busy week or two weeks rather, since I arrived back home.  I promise to add some of these recipes (along with more to come) once I have some free time in my life.

Mumford and Sons impromptu concert.  Thanks to my mom who literally ran to the box office to get us lawn seats and a few friends that had tickets for under the shell.  The concert was AMAZING--so talented! 

Last weekend Brendan took me to the adirondack's with his family. By far one of my top 3 favorite places in the world to visit. The weekend was filled with amazing food, people, hiking, kayaking among other activities.

Carla, one of my friends from UR and a fellow APhi sister told me about this delicious and easy frozen dessert.  I adapted it a bit and made this sort of Lemon cake and chocolate raspberry frozen yogurt layer cake...YUM.

I cannot remember if I mentioned that I had given a bag of items to Egoli but I tossed my runnings sneakers in with the clothing and food pile.  They were of little use to me for running but they were still perfectly fine for someone else to wear on a daily basis. I came home and was getting antsy about running so my mom took me yesterday to get these bad boys.  I went to Medved running hoping for some serious pair of Brooks but they just didn't feel right on my feet and ironically these school bus yellow ugly Asics (that are one step away from minimalists or pure) felt like heaven so I'll be rocking these for quite some time!

First lake run post-south africa and in my new sneakers!

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