Friday, August 10, 2012

Frozen Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Froyo Layer Cake

Long name, amazing results? I definitely stole that from some awful commercial with a phone number that is easy to memorize but oh well.  I have no idea what to call this dessert so Frozen Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Froyo Layer Cake will just have to suffice.

Some amazing girl, Carla, From UR and Alpha Phi told me about this dessert the other day and I HAD HAD HAD to try it out.  Of course now the weather is muggy and rainy so it isn't exactly the best time to be enjoying it at a BBQ but I had a slice the other night and it hit the spot.  Trust me when I tell you its easy and delicious.

Frozen Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Froyo Layer Cake
adapted from Carla G.

1 box cake mix (carla used vanilla I took the lemon route)
**try substituting plain apple sauce for the oil to save on fat and calories
1 pint frozen yogurt (Raspberry Chocolate Chunch Greek Yogurt by Ben and Jerry's for me)
1 container Cool Whip Lite
2 Throw away aluminum loaf pans

1. mix and bake cake mix in the two loaf pans (separated evenly)
2. Meanwhile, place froyo and cool whip in refrigerator or on counter to let thaw
3. remove from pans and let cool
4. slice cakes length wise and remove the very top layer
5. combine froyo and part of the cool whip (to desired texture)
6. layer back in loaf pans alternating cake/froyo mix/cake
7. place remaining cool whip on top and decorate with berries if desired
8. place in freezer and remove approx. 15 minutes prior to eating
9. slice and enjoy :)

Thanks Carla!


  1. This looks delicious and dangerous for me to have in the house alone!

  2. It is amazing, isn't it? Next time I'd like to whip together fat free froyo with fresh berries instead! Thanks for stopping by.


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