Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIAW: A First of Many

I like to cook and I like to cook often.  I thought i'd make that perfectly clear in case anyone needed clarification.  I also came to the realization that I have been quite sarcastic on here lately so my apologies. But back to my love of cooking and baking and living in a college suite/ apartment that requires a $915 meal plan.  What to do, what to do.  I refuse to waste my time eating dinners or the majority of meals in campus dining halls--I just cannot do it any longer (once in a while is fine but for the sake of everyone who hears me complain about my stomach issues, I cook for myself).  

Since I do spend so much time in my lovely kitchen I think it would be fun to join the WIAW or What I Ate Wednesday band wagon,which was started by the awesome Peas and Crayons.  I don't want to begin sharing every single pretzel or rice cake that I have for a snack let alone the number of peanut butter scoops that I sneak a day but once a week I can share a bit about my daily routine.

Today seems to be a bit of an odd day to start since I ate out for lunch and only managed to snap a picture of dinner but lets go for it anyways.

For Breakfast I had two poached eggs with Ezekiel 7-grain sprouted bread and some hot sauce for a nice kick.  This was accompanied with a Tazo Organic Chai tea.

Brendan had come up to visit me so we walked around campus and by lunchtime we were both starving...almost literally.  And trust me, when I am hungry I am a mean mean person.  We ate out at one of my favorite lunch spots, Mise en Place. A bit of a yuppy name but actually quite reasonable and my turkey deli sandwich was especially tasty on this hot afternoon.

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This place is great if you need a sandwich on the go even though you will wait a few minutes for them to prepare it and for $6 for a grilled sandwich I am okay waiting!

My afternoon was spent going to Beers of the World picking out some tasty fall beers that I cannot wait to try (especially the Pumpkinhead) and I oohed and Ahhed over the various ciders they offered which were all a bit too steep for my wallet.

Finally I get to dinner. Oh dinner. 

Amazing Burrito Bowl!

Into the mix went field greens and spinach, cucumber, tomato, homemade guacamole, salsa, a little brown rice and leftover bean and corn mixture that Brendan's mom made.

I was a little ambitious with this baby but it was so good I couldn't resist! Now I am stuck with a very full stomach and a ton of reading.

Hope you all enjoy your wednesday evening!

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