Monday, September 3, 2012

Eggplant Parm & A Lack of Focus

Eggplant Parm and Man Vintners CABERNET SAUVIGNON 
What a great ending to a rather interesting day.  I woke up this morning planning to jump out of bed (without the alarm) and quickly make my way to the library.  However, I ended up slowly creeping out of bed and enjoying a nice bowl of pumpkin pie oats inspired by Katie at Peace Love & Oats.  I love getting up this way and sometimes forget to take a look around and enjoy the nice weather, an amazing breakfast and the friends that I live with.

I made the greatest attempt to focus in on readings today but I still have yet to get into the grind and swing of school.  This is always such an issue for me and this year more than ever before, I am lacking motivation.  This seriously needs to change as soon as possible since I have so many plans and would like to accomplish them all. After a slight freak out at Panera I decided to make some adjustments--or at least consider them.  I may reconsider taking the GRE this semester and focus solely on my studies and independent study work. Since this is only my second year at UR and sadly my last, I want nothing more than to make the very most of it.

In terms of the week I am on week 2 of my 10k training.  Week 2 is the same as week one so I won't have to run more than 3 miles (on sunday) and can focus on building a good base again.  This weekend is also the Clothesline Arts Festival (a personal favorite festival!) and Alpha Phifa which I will share more about later on but it is a soccer tournament that supports Cardiac Care and the Alpha Phi Foundation.

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