Monday, June 4, 2012

To Grandmothers House We Go: Lady Antebellum

Summer concert season 2012--a shorter, more condensed version than years 2010 and 2011 but still a winner.  Cara, Mandy and I started this one out with drinks at my grandma's house and walked our way over to CMAC.  Best new concert drink of choice? Champagne, Citron Vodka, Flavored seltzer and cranberry juice.  It tastes great and goes down smooth making for a great starter to the night.

It poured cats and dogs (not to use the most corny description ever) but it did and then the sun came out and the night was great.  We took our hoods off and put the umbrellas away, got our $9 coors lights and made our way around the concert.  In years past we would get to concerts super early for the best seat but we definitely mingled around the entire time--no seat necessary and we definitely saw more people. 

By the end of the show we had found my parents and then a few others friends that we walked down to the front row with.  We could almost touch the members of Lady A..literally. It was amazing.

ON the way home we decided to try and find the tour bus and were halted by security.  We decided it would be smart to trek through the woods back to the other side of the venue so we crouched down and made our way ducking every so often from the yells and flashlights of security.  The night was surely an adventure and we made the best of the one concert we have together...some serious memories were made that will definitely last a lifetime.  I love you girls and will miss you so much this summer.

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