Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Recipes: Lunch & Dessert

Good morning and happy thursday.  I cannot believe how cold it is outside today--cold relative to the 90 degree weather we were experiencing last weekend.  I sure hope it warms up for all the festivities this weekend (bonfire tonight, out tomorrow, game saturday and concert sunday!)

Anyways, yesterday I had great plans of making protein shakes and egg salad along with some sort of dessert.  The good news? I did it all plus a little cleaning and laundry AND had time to work, walk and go to Wegmans with a friend.

So in case you missed this one on pinterest or your time spent checking out other blogs, here is some Egg and Avocado Salad!

5 eggs (3 without yolks)
1 tbsp Lt. Mayo
1 Avocado
Grape Tomatos
Salt, Pepper, Cumin to taste

Boil 5 eggs, chill and remove the yolks from 2-3 of them (this removes some of the extra stuff that you don't really really need). Chop with either a food processor or by hand.  

Mix in 1 sliced and chopped avocado. Add desired amount of Mayo. Add salt, pepper and cumin to taste. Mix again and enjoy :)

This was the perfect dinner along with some tomato soup at work.  The avocado didn't brown for a few hours so it was the perfect yellow, white and green color (which scared my mother who refused to try it).

After work I went for a quick walk/ run with my mom and decided to try something of my own (aka no recipe).  
This is what I came up with:

Broiled Peaches with Vanilla Yogurt and Pomegranate Balsamic Drizzle.

1 peach (cut in half)
Brown Sugar
Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt
Sweet balsamic vinegar

sprinkle brown sugar on halved peaches and let sit for 5 minutes.  Place in broiler on 400 for 4-5 minutes.

remove and add granola of choice (I used Be Kind honey granola)

Dolup of Vanilla Yogurt

F. Olivers royal pomegranate drizzle to finish.

These recipes so so easy, delicious and just the right amount for a snack, lunch or dessert, enjoy!

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