Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

With my time at home quickly dwindling away I made sure to make the most of every last second.  Yesterday Brendan and I went to Grimes Glen in Naples, NY.  This is a great place to hike and walk up to an enormous waterfall that towers above.  I brought along my telephoto camera lens to work on some shooting prior to leaving for South Africa and thought i'd share some shots from the day:

Photo Credit: Brendan Ewing

Photo Credit: Brendan Ewing

I'd highly suggest checking out Grimes Glen and the surrounding NY area.  It honestly is a hidden treasure up a dead end road that you would miss on any casual drive through the small village.  While there I would also go into Monica's Pies (prior to entering Naples) and pick up some Concord jelly and Grape Pie!

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