Tuesday, June 12, 2012

South Africa: Less Than a Week

It is official, I leave in less than a week!  I honestly cannot believe how fast the past few weeks have flown by. From working and meeting up with friends to packing and making numerous lists of items to buy and bring with me, I am beyond ready to celebrate my departure and arrival in Cape Town.

I still don't think that the trip itself has hit me yet which is surprising since my living room is currently being taken over with suitcases and backpacks along with my trust peanut butter.  Call me crazy but I need that stuff to live, that and oatmeal.  Packing has been such a challenge but something that I need to work on if I am going to be a world traveler as a side job. 

My essentials include peanut butter, oatmeal, a journal, trusty book to read on the plane, ALL of my stomach meds (haha), work clothes, pillowcase, things that remind me of home etc.

Yesterday I added to this list with a new maxi dress and jean jacket.  Okay so maybe the jean jacket is a bit outdated but I swear they are back in style and look great with a maxi dress...I tested this theory out today and actually got quite a few compliments!  Can you say goodwill $20 for a like-new gap jacket? I can!

I also went and picked up this book at Barnes and Noble:

I was contemplating between In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen and another book called Why We Get Fat which discusses the issues of food in America but I decided those were too technical or "rant-y" for me.  Healthy Tipping Point seemed like a good easy read that takes you through clean eating, exercising and mental success--a little self help-y but i'll let you know how it goes.

I also picked up a new moleskin journal to write down more personal thoughts and experiences.  I figured that this blog probably won't be online for the rest of my life and I wanted something a bit more concrete that I can look back on down the road when I am older.

So let's start the countdown, less than 4 days since today is halfway over.  I am so extremely excited to meet everyone on my trip and have the experiences of a lifetime. 

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