Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Pre-Departure Breakfast

If that doesn't look delicious I don't know what does.  Dutch Baby Pancake  with fresh fruit and candied bacon.  Breakfast of champions, let me tell you.  Hopefully everyone on my trip doesn't think I'm a freak because of my strange obsession with food photography and health food.  

I honestly did quite a bit of searching around for what to bring on the plane with me--last time I flew I realized that plane food and I do not have the best relationship.  hence my excitement of Justin's almond and peanut butter packets! Squeeze some of that into some oatmeal and voila, amazingness.

My mom made me this breakfast when my grandparents came up the other day to say goodbye.  I couldn't resist spending a morning with all of them AND having my favorite breakfast.

okay enough of that.  I leave tomorrow--I cannot believe it.  That would probably explain my spastic posts today since I am beginning to enter the phase of slight freak out. Honestly pretty good for me since I didn't realize how fast the summer would go by before leaving and whelp, its almost here!

I will definitely be posting tomorrow as I sit and wait in JFK, hello 4 hour layover! So, stay tuned and bare with me while I spend a day traveling and crossing the atlantic ocean from upstate new york all the way to cape town!

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