Monday, January 16, 2012


I cannot wait to head back to school and get back to the grind with working out and doing work with friends.  Not to mention I miss everyone at Rochester and even more so, BPG.  I also plan on visiting Emily over this semester at HWS or having her come back to Rochester again.

In honor of returning to the great city of Rochester, or should I say returning to live in Rochester, I spent the weekend with friends and Brendan. Friday night was spent with Cara, Mandy and Brad...We watched Say Yes to the Dress and drank Hot Chocolate and saturday was spent with Brendan at an Amerk's game, bowling and having garbage plates!

Garbage plate art. How delicious.

I am going to the Fleet Feet Half Marathon info session tonight and will hopefully be signing up for that and then you will have more to follow than my day to day life!

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