Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It's that time of year again. Christmas time.  It is crazy to think that just about this time last year I didn't even have a blog.  I was thinking about the whole blogging world last night as I waited for Santa to make his way to my back door (I don't have a fireplace so he comes to the back)...For a while I was thinking that maybe I would stop since not that many people were reading my blog on a day to day basis but then I realized that I don't only write for my readers, but for myself.  It is a sort of journal and ritualistic release of thoughts and a way to reflect on all the exciting achievements and events in my life.

The exciting event today would of course be Christmas!

Last night we went to Christmas Eve Mass with my grandparents.  They handed out these photocopied "programs" this year with the entire service highlighted and bolded the words that the parishioners were supposed to recite, so modernized for us that only frequent it twice a year.  

We returned home for Surf & Turf accompanied with twice baked potatoes, green beans, a cheese platter and some red wine to sip.  The lobster was Nicaraguan lobster and I demanded my mother make some filet mignon since I am absolutely positively prime ribs biggest opposition.

The evening ended with a viewing of a Nat Geo's special on the Holocaust, family videos and then I made myself stay up all alone for Home Alone 2.  What a Christmas!  My grandma made her famous Cream Puffs, my favorite dessert from her recipe book.  I will try to get the recipe/ try them myself at some point.

This morning I was awoken by my beautiful dog and a mimosa with Challah French Toast, oh and of course some amazing candied bacon.  It is a bit ironic that we paired jewish Challah bread with bacon so I apologize to all my jewish friends.

Of course Santa came while I was fast asleep and brought wonderful gifts for all.  He brought us a U of R blanket, chocolates and movies.  He brought me a new compact camera (since my big one can be TOO BIG at times) and socks along with other things for running and not.  My dad of course got his workout gift from me! Have to keep the family fit!

Nobody can mess with this beast.

We are now off to my Grandma's house and I will be sure to post the rest of the family photos later.

Merry Christmas to all from Kylie @ OhsoMiscellanea

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