Monday, December 19, 2011

BPG Holiday & Studying

A few weeks ago I hosted BPG at my house for a "cookie and hot coco" party.  What a great way to start off the holiday season.  Wegmans catered with 30 delicious cutout cookies and I provided my homemade frosting

Great homemade frosting recipe:
(without measuring sorry!)

Confectioners Sugar
Non-fat Milk
** do this in a 3/1 ratio or however runny you like it! Definitely MORE sugar and LESS milk works best!
1 tbsp light corn syrup
1 tbsp vanilla (or to taste)

The best way for this frosting to get its TRUE effect is to actually refrigerate the cookies after frosting.  This allows the frosting to cool, harden and shine!

Here's Pam's amazing cookie creation.  So jealous.

As for today, I am busy studying away at Barnes and Noble.  It really is a great place to study though I often find myself getting distracted.   Thank god I started the day off right with a workout at 7am, and on 5 hours of sleep no less!  I definitely want to start upping the weights that I'm lifting, it makes me feel so jacked!

The agenda for today (I really should start paying attention to these agenda's that I make for myself, it would really really help keep me on track!)

1. Finish study guide for U.S. Health System
2. Begin to make some connections between the hundred or so years we covered
3. STUDY STUDY STUDY for epidemiology!!
4. Learn the equations for epidemiology...

5. fix leftovers from biaggi's for lunch
6. Bring healthy snacks to the library tonight
7. leave the library and 12 again tonight, watch greys and bed!

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