Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly Recap & Welcome Home

Weekly recap:

This past week has been different, to say the least.  My first semester at UR is finally coming to a close and finals are beginning to pile up. I've definitely been trying to keep my cool when it comes to studying, which means not frequenting the library as often as most other students.  However, I have been busy working at other locations, see my post on Panera.  I decided that it is starting to get a bit disgusting, the amount of times I have eaten there in the past week at least.

I have also made sure to keep up with my workouts, thank god!  In spite of all the craziness and hints of snow, these are a MUST.  They keep me sane, in shape and motivated to push further into the night with all my work.  So yes, an hour here and an hour there has definitely made this finals week less stressful than the last.

I completed my first week of half marathon training, yay!  While I had to shift around the days a little bit, I did manage to get it done.

Today I went on a 4m run around the city, through Park Ave, East Ave and Monroe.  The training plan I am using, Jeff Galloway mixed with Hal Hidgon suggests some "run-walking" methods to get you through.  I am not a huge fan of walking just because it makes me feel inadequate compared to those Marathon Runners but it has actually really helped!

Tonight's agenda includes:
1. Study Session from 6:30-8
2. Working late into the night, say 2:30am and finishing my study guide!

also, Carolyn comes home today!!!!!!

What a B.A.M.F

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