Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

What's better on New Years than recapping the past year and setting goals for the next? I have been keeping up with reading my list of blogs that I follow and realized that many of them have been posting a "year in photos" to sort of show their readers what has happened in the past year.  And I thought to myself, what a great idea!

Last New Years Eve Brendan and I went to dinner at Biaggi's and back to a friends house for a party.

I started OhsoMiscellanea on January 10, 2011 with this post

And then Brendan went to London and I returned to HWS for spring semester with the full intention of study abroad for Fall 2011.

 I spent spring break in London and Paris with Brendan

 Came home, finished my semester at HWS and decided in the last two weeks to apply to Rochester, got in, and celebrated with Carolyn & Amanda at a Backstreet Boys Concert!

 The next morning we finished our first official road trip with a drive to Niagara Falls

Brendan took me to his house in the Adirondack's for a weekend

 And my friends and I went to a concert at Darien Lake

 After a second trip to the adirondack's I finished the summer with a Kenny Chesney concert right at CMAC

 and headed to Rochester for my first semester where I met and joined the Ballet Performance Group.

 For fall break Brendan brought all of his Colgate friends and me to the adirondack's and we spent 5 days exploring the wilderness.

 In October I also visited my friends from Hobart

 and ran my second 5k!

 I threw a halloween party with friends from home and school

 and performed in my first dance show

 Then our dance group competed in Alpha Traz

 I ran my first 5 mile race and celebrated my 21st birthday with my best friend Amanda.

 Went to my first college formal, twice

 Ran the "Its a Wonderful Run 5k" with my cousin Rachel

 Saw an Amerk's Game and demanded a picture with the Mascot

 and had a holiday party to catch up with friends from high school (minus carolyn, zzzz).

 Emily and Alyssa came to visit for a Christmas Festival

 and on Christmas my Dad and I had a muscle contest

and I took my annual puppy picture with Greta

and Brendan.

Happy New Year's Eve Everyone :)

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