Sunday, November 20, 2011

Turkey Trotting: 5m

I did it! Today I ran my first ever 5 mile race! No, not a 5k, but 5 miles.  I believe that this is actually the first time I ever completed five miles on my own too which is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

I am thinking back to when I first started running, the Summer of 2010, I hated it. I had never liked running and as I believe I have mentioned before, I was NOT a runner.  Well, low and behold (however that saying goes), I am a runner. 

The 5m race was something I decided to run in both to motivate myself and get me pumped for the half marathon training...What a great accomplishment, I am so ready for the next big challenge.

Okay so here is a recap of the race:

I was woken up at 7am by mom and my lovely dog. She is currently wearing a cone on her head so she doesn't bite her foot off and looks ridiculous.  I scarfed down some peanut butter toast and a few bites of apple and drove to Pittsford.

The weather on the ride there, a mere 25 minutes, was warm muggy and rainy.  Not the best running weather.  Luckily it cleared just in time for the race to begin, great luck.  I took my usual position, not too far forward not too far back and began..

Mile 1: I started out extremely fast, at least for me. I made it to one mile just passing the 8 minute marker, 8:02. Half of this was uphill and I knew that I was going to burn out.

Mile 2: Slow and steady, I reached her around 16:30 something...Not bad, legs starting to get a bit tired

Mile 3:Successful, and glad I made it there! That was about a 5k now only 2 more to go.  I kept trying to push myself further and harder but the course was very hilly and difficult to speed up. I think I reached here around 24 or 26 minutes? It was by far my slowest mile.

Mile 4: wow, writing this is so exhilarating, mile 4.1 and up was all new territory for me! I finished strong to mile 4 at 32 something, again I have no idea.  The rest was pretty much down hill to five.

Mile 5: Everything was sore and hurting and the thought of walking kept running through my mind.  By this point I had stripped down to my long sleeve shirt and tucked it under my bra, lets just say it was steamy out there!

Crossing the finish was amazing and I am so glad I pushed myself further to do 5 miles.
9th in 20-24, 42:30 minutes and an average 8:30/m, beast!

**side note. I always wanted a cute turkey trot shirt and I was stuck with this: Not Cute. Not Festive. I was very upset...

Dinner tonight really needed some protein and carbs. I am exhausted and sore from the race. My mom had taken me to simply crepes for breakfast and by the time we finished shopping at the mall I thought I was going to faint.  The mall was a really bad idea since I was so tired and worn down from the run but I just HAD to go. My 21st birthday is coming up soo soon and I NEEDED something cute to wear.  Also, if you notice anything different about my photos, they were taken from my new iPhone! Happy early birthday present from my mom! yay!

Omelete gone wrong. Ham, onions, tomatoes, and toast. I may have burned it and the omelet fell apart but trust me, it tastes the same.

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