Monday, November 21, 2011

Early Christmas Loving

Happy Monday and welcome to Thanksgiving week! The semester has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday.  As I sit her procrastinating getting ready for my 9am class I am realizing how happy I actually am in Rochester.  The move was the best decision I could have made and a much better fit both academically and socially.

So how am I celebrating this semester? Going all out for Christmas!  I raided my parents basement Saturaday night and returned to Rochester with many goodies.  In my possesion includes a small tree, many santas, a wreath, LIGHTS, garland, Rugs, Tablecloths and candles.

The candles may not have been the best idea since they caused the smoke alarm to go off last night but we will work on it.  I figured I would start our Monday off as a festive one and I do not care that I am skipping over the importance of Thanksgiving and all the wonderful turkey I am going to be eating.  What are you doing for the holidays? Do you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah?


  1. Hey Kylie! I just stumbled across your blog and totally love all of the Christmas cheer. You've got me wanting to blast some Christmas carols stat!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Faith! It's always exciting to have new readers! Hope you have a happy holiday!

    Kylie @OhsoMiscellanea


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