Monday, November 14, 2011

Turkey Trot pt.1

Thanksgiving. If you tell me you dislike Thanksgiving then we are going to have some serious problems.  Honestly, who doesn't love the feeling of excessive fullness, unbuttoning your pants to fit more, the smell of amazing home cooked dishes and desserts? Everyone loves it. Okay, maybe I am lying about the having the unbutton your pants part, mostly because this is my least favorite but I can always go for eating enough turkey to put myself to sleep. Not to mention the ridiculously unhealthy stuffing that my grandma shovels onto my plate each year.

Everything Thanksgiving is the same, we go to my uncles, argue over who will sit where and what football game will be on TV, followed with amazing food and homemade pie.  But wait, this year will be different.  Prior to Thanksgiving, November 20th to be exact, I will be running my first 5 mile race!  I have always envied those runners with awesome turkey trot shirts and have promised myself that this year will be the year I wear one.  Yes, I am running a race with the highest hopes of finishing and getting my fun shirt. Rather shallow indeed.

My friend Alex suggested a race in Pittsford, NY the Southeast YMCA's Turkey Classic 5-miler.  I set my goals high with this one since I just finished a 5k last weekend but really wanted the challenge of 5 miles. I feel silly saying that 5 miles is a challenge since so many other bloggers are logging 5 miles as a "short run." It still counts as a long one for me!

This past Sunday I set out for a 4 mile run, something I haven't done since last January in the -10 degree weather and bested through. The run went really well and set me in the perfect mindset for this week. I am ready.  While I haven't' trained past 4 miles I'm certain that my adrenaline will push the last mile.

Goals for the race:
(1) Maintain a 8:50 min/mile time or better
(2) Don't be as dizzy upon finishing as the last one
(3) prepare for weather
(4) Have fun!!

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