Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Caramel Corn

I never really took much liking to Caramel Corn until I came across this recipe by How Sweet It Is which incorporated any and all favorite halloween candy.  I immediately fell in love.  What a triumph to make my own caramel and turn it into an ooey gooey popcorn treat?

I made this last week but am just posting now since it was a secret santa sort of gift for my Baller-ina.  (Baller-ina's are secret gift givers to get all of BPG pumped for the big semester show.)

Check out the recipe over at How Sweet It Is and give it a try.

For the candy I chose Crunch Bars, Kit Kat, Snickers and Milkyway. The different chocolatey textures really added to the whole mix.

I also figured I should throw in some of my nutrition interest when I recognized this new "easy read" label. It breaks down the main nutritional values for you in big bold print. Makes me not want to eat this candy anymore!

Light Corn Syrup. An evil enemy. This stuff is ridiculously sticky and thick. yuck! Sure does make a good caramel when mixed with butter and brown sugar though!

Finally, mix everything in together and volia! Caramel corn :)

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