Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Starting Over

Today I begin a two week journey which should end with a 5 mile race on November 20th.  I have only ever gotten up to 5 miles once, last winter while training for the Flower City Half Marathon and it was the most exhilarating run. Mind you I did it in -10 degree weather with snow flurries attaching themselves to every part of my exposed skin, but whose actually remembering that?

This morning I set out for another 3 mile run, since I was able to complete my 5k in 26 or so minutes, I am hoping to keep the same pace throughout the next few runs.  I am ridiculously sore from yesterdays workout at the gym and was a bit surprised when my trainer had me work the same muscles that I had sunday (hmmm?) but I am still going to give it a go.

Happy Tuesday folks!


  1. You've got one speedy 5k there! And about the -10 degree weather.. I'm from South Florida and I've always freaked out when the temperature hit the 50's. Next time, I will think twice 8)

  2. Thanks Brittany! I really don't think that it is that fast since most of my friends run it in around 20-22 but I'm working on it! Are you training for any upcoming races??


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