Monday, November 7, 2011

Blast From the Past

Last night we had our first hell week rehearsal, a full run through that went until about 11pm. Besides the fact that I was exhausted the night went really well.  Our secret "Baller-inas" some type of secret santa spin off, presented us with our first round of gifts which helped get us excited for the week.  My awesome and amazing secret baller somehow knew I liked sour patch kids, made a lovely card and added in some fun princess themed items!

I decided to stay and watch all the show numbers and then head off to bed much later than anticipated but it was well worth it.  While my pieces, classical, Geek in the Pink and Love Lost are beautifully choreographed, I found myself better connecting emotionally with the slower songs that seemed to tell a story (similar to my Love Lost piece).  We also have a few solo/ duets in between the main numbers and those seemed to really strike a chord so to speak with my more theatrical side.  Reminded me so much of skating.

I spent the rest of the night web searching for old photos of me skating and thought that I would share some with you since I am having a reminiscing/ heartfelt sadness for not having it in my life. Sometimes I love and other times I hate it and when I love it I absolutely crave it--like I am right now.

I started skating when I was 7 and soon became a feisty competitor at the age of 10.  Not long after that I switched coaches and techniques to the Litz Method (Thomas Litz, Olympic Medalist) and my life for the sport exploded.  My life was skating and skating was my life, I was known as the skater to many people in my town which really made me different.  Skating consumed my life until 8th grade when I went on some hiatus for a while until I came back my sophomore or junior year of high school to rock the ice once more.

Here are some flashbacks to my skating career:
 Cicero Competition, 2005

 The Nutcracker Show, 2007
 The Nutcracker Show, 2007

Lake Placid, Date Unknown

I begged my mom to bring my skates up tomorrow so I can hit the ice as soon as possible.  Even just an hour or two can help this craving to skate and as usual my whole love/hate relationship will soon subside but for now, all I want is to feel the ice.


  1. That is so cool that you used to do ice skating! Very impressive. :)

  2. how awesome is that?! i love ice skating! you look so professional :)


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