Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hell Week: Ballet Performance Group

This coming week, beginning today actually, is hell week for BPG. Hell week is the week prior to our show (this coming friday!) where we do full run throughs every night and really solidify all we have been working on this semester.  The name itself sounds rather daunting but I am really excited to meet more dancers and spend countless hours sitting in an auditorium. gymnasium. Fun stuff.

Over the weekend we had some serious dance bonding which started with an Alpha Phi "Alpha Traz" philanthropy night.  Our club president was jailed and was required to participate in all types of events to earn points and money for charity.

Last night we had a "kick-off" party at one of the guy's suites across the river which really made my saturday night.  What more could I ask for? Friends, funfetti cake, games and the like.
Did I mention that last night we all added some lovely BPG tattoos to our wrists? Yeah. I was pleasantly surprised to find it still on when I woke up this morning.  Rachel and I thought we should go ahead and show our dancer pride to the world.

Some of the girls pitched in and painted the tunnels to advertise for the show and I thought I would share an image of that also:
 How adorable right? I am so so excited!

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