Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grocery Run 5k

I would just like to say that it is absolutely gorgeous here in Rochester today. For those of you lucky enough to have to to enjoy this weather, please do since it won't last long.  Also, welcome to anyone who is now following my blog since my debut on Hayley Dickens Pingree's blog! I am excited to have more readers and hope that they will share some blogging journeys as well.

This morning I started the day off with the East Avenue Grocery Run 5k, proceeds go to helping the hungry in Rochester, NY!  I convinced my cousin Rachel to join in on the fun and we both did great.

The morning started off with my alarm blaring into my ears at 6:45, ouch. I almost forgot that I was racing today but luckily remembered before I had time to hit the snooze.  We made our way over to Park & Meigs and prepared for the start.

Look at that happy face so bright and early in the morning.  It was still dark out!

Once the sun finally started to rise my mom snapped a quick photo of Rachel and me. It was so nice to race with her and have a partner along the way.  My time definitely would have been much shorter had she not joined me.

Ah the finish! I definitely pushed myself much harder than at the PhotoFinish 5k where my time was 30:12:6 and I had a mile time of about 9:45/M. This of course didn't come as a surprise to me once I hit the first mile marker and realized that I was running around an 8 minute mile. Wowee, I never run that fast!

Here is the result of a chilly speedier race. Yes i know that I am still a rather slow runner but thats not what matters :)

and of course we had to a "support Rochester" shot! I love it here.

Rachel and me at the finish after we were done dying. Sorry I wasn't in the mood to post the pictures of me with my usual running hives frantically looking for some benadryl which has now made me very sleepy!

oh and the best part: Jines Restaurant Egg's Benedict my way afterwards.

Results just came up and I hit the finish line at 26:39 and I came in 8th for my age group! Last time I believe I was either 32 or 33 so wow what an improvement! Also, my mile time was 8:36/m what? I never go that fast! so happy!

Also, shout out to my cousin Rachel who got 2nd for her age group (15-19) who had the same time as me :)

What are you doing this weekend that is worth sharing? Anything fun and exciting to celebrate this beautiful fall weather?

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