Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Last weekend I finished my second 5k, ever. It was a great experience and went much better than the last.  Not to say the last was awful but I wasn't in as great of shape as I thought seeming I had to stop and walk multiple times.  However, this race went a bit differently.

My mom and I arrived early, I mean 7:30am, early. There were already so many people warming up and getting ready to race.  I want to say there were over 850 people that showed up to the event.  It was extremely cold out for October 1st and with a chance of sleet and snow I bundled right up.  Luckily, the misty rain stopped right before the race and it stayed relatively dry for the half hour I was on the course.  

The course took us up past the Memorial Art Gallery and back down East Avenue past the gorgeous homes surrounding the George Eastman House. My one major mistake was not plotting out the route prior to the race because I was unaware of when to release. I'm not sure how exactly running works but I created my own type of plan for 5k's and plan to perfect it a bit as I continue to test them out.

1. start at a moderate pace, don't jump the gun too early
2. Mile 1 should mean you start to increase that speed
3. Mile 2 increase a bit more but make sure you wont burn out through 3
4. Halfway through 2m reach your optimal "fast" pace--at this point you should not be able to have a conversation with passerbys
5. last leg, SPRINT!

The problems that I encountered with this were not knowing when the "last leg" was coming up.  By the time I saw the finish arc I had less than a tenth of a mile to sprint.  Maybe this is the right way? I have no idea.

In any case, the race was a success in my book.  I ran the whole thing and still had energy to spare since I messed up the whole releasing thing. Get em next time.  I should really work on some speed for these shorter races as I embark on the half marathon (if I end up fully committing).


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