Friday, September 30, 2011


Remember a week or so back when I promised reviews on local coffee shops?  It's okay if you forgot because I totally did too.  This morning after a short run I decided to venture down the street to Equal=Grounds, a Coffee Shop in the South Wedge at the corner of South & Caroline.

Of course I was a bit groggy from lack of caffeine and left my camera back at the house so photo credit goes to Scott LaForce.

From the outside of the building this appears to be a corner store coffee shop that appears eclectic and exciting and the inside has even more to offer.  Seating ranges from wooden tables and chairs to comfy couches in the second room and a few outdoor cafe tables.

The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming to just about everyone and everything.  I believe it is dubbed the "gay friendly" coffee shop in Rochester, NY and I most definitely got that vibe.  From the various pride flags and brochures to the people enjoying their morning cup of coffee (one man even brought his dog), it appears to be a relaxing and open environment.

I wasn't quite sure about their options for pastries and selections of the sort but I did notice an Ice Cream freezer and a chalk board with sandwiches for lunch time.  In terms of coffee and teas, there were multiple options to choose from.  I purchased a Green Tea Chai Latte (12oz for 2.85).  While the chai itself was from a mix, I didn't find it to be too heavy or creamy.  Not bad for 8am.

Overall: I would definitely check this out if you're looking for a different atmosphere and a step out of the ordinary.  It's truly unique for the area.

750 South Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 242-7840

What's next: Coffee Connection

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