Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Big Wish & A Little Bread

So today I made my way over to the George Eastman House to pick up my PhotoFinish5k race packet & Bib!  How exciting, my second 5k?  I should mention that I just signed up for my second race of the semester, I was initially hoping to do 5 but thats a lot, and you should think of joining me! The East Ave Grocery Run is sponsored by Wegmans & Foodlink and all proceeds go to help the hungry in your very own Rochester, NY.

Okay though, back to Crosby's Fund and the race this Saturday, which until today I thought was Sunday.

When I picked up my awesome bib & packet today I had the chance to explore GEH for the very first time, and wow, it was amazing.  I get free full admission on Saturday and plan to take full advantage.  Photography was never really a big thing to me, besides the fact that I carried my point & shoot everywhere for "fun" pictures, but now with my DSLR I love the art.

Here's my gear for Saturday morning:

After picking up my packet I made my mom stop at the South Wedge Farmers Market.  Its situated right on the corner of Alexander & S. Clinton behind Boulder Coffee & Napa Pizza.  It is more quaint and local than the Public Market, and I surely regret not bringing my camera.  However, they have a great selection of breads, pastas, LOCAL fruits and veggies and even a few stands that support local charities.

This loaf that I am munching on now is from Flour City Bread Company.  Its a multigrain sourdough, heavy on the sour, and absolutely amazing.

Enjoy your night.

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