Thursday, October 6, 2011

Round Two: Coffee Connection

Another South Wedge coffee shop: Coffee Connection.
Now this is definitely more my taste and I knew it from the moment I walked it.  

The shop lists daily specials on a vintage chalk board on the sidewalk outside.  This morning, around 11, the hustle and bustle of rush hour had died and coffee time was calling my name.  Immediately after walking in, the Barista (who I believe is also the owner) greeted me with a friendly hello and how are you.  The shop is splashed with color and unique furniture, a perfect location to cozy up to coffee and friends.  Though quite small, it has that "lets be friends" atmosphere about it.  To the left of the register is a case of pastries including cakes, rugelas, tapas and other varieties that would compliment your cup of coffee.  Most of these are homemade!

I ordered a small mocha, 3.00 + tax. A bit higher than expected but Coffee Connection supports a few great causes so it is understandable.  The shop receives all its coffee beans from fairtrade and organic coffee bean farmers in Peru.  It also helps reach out to farmers who switched their main crop to coffee beans instead of coca (the main plant in cocaine). In addition, Coffee Connection helps women in the Rochester area get back on their feet and learn the value of hard work and a job. What a winning combination!

Coffee Connection
681 South Avenue

Right down the corner from Gregory street!

I will most definitely be stopping back and will hopefully bring friends next time.  New bucket list goal that I thought of while enjoying the first sips of my Mocha, Become a "regular" at a local store/shoppe! I still have to finish my coffee adventures before I pick which one to call home though.

Next: Java's!

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