Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Crafternight.

I am not usually a crafty person. Maybe back when my mom introduced me to Girl Scouts and 4-H I dabbled in sewing, cooking, scrapbooking etc but as I grew older and other more "important" things began to take precedence, I somehow lost my crafty side. Craftless Kylie is no more.

Tonight I made it my mission to bring crafts back into my life.  I sound like a housewife or mother but trust me, crafts can be quick, easy and inexpensive if done right.

Tomorrow night I am having people over for a thanksgiving eve party, since Thanksgiving eve is the biggest party night of the year (or so I am told) and I am one week shy of 21.

I was browsing through Thanksgiving recipes during class today, yes I know how awful but I am ready for the break, and I came across this:

Reminds me of, Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake and all those sayings but this one was better...Holiday themed!

I did some searching and found a FREE printable of it over at Craftily Ever After (Click the "free" link to get there!)

I printed this baby out along with a few others and came up with these:

How cute, right? I am pretty proud of myself for whipping these up in five minutes and a total of $9 for the frames.  I should mention they aren't actually frames but "matting" frame papers. The black is velvety and looks nice and it was within my weekly budget!

College girl crafts on a budget:
1. Glue Stick, preferably a craft glue but all I had was Elmer's
2. Tape
3. Command picture hanging strips
4. Computer/ Printer with color ink
5. Frames with mattes or matting paper

1. Go to Craftily Ever After and get your printables, or search "Keep Calm Christmas Printables, or Keep Calm Thanksgiving Printables" and find an 8x 10, download and print
2. Glue the matting papers together if they're separate
3. position the printable on the matting paper and tape to the back
4. attach command picture strips to the back corners and stick!

Simple as pumpkin pie!

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