Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: JonJohns Bakery

I have found it quite difficult in living off campus to have dinners with friends, unless of course I am eating dining hall food.  Not to say that all of the dining services at UR are detrimental to my health but, for the most part, I have noticed a pattern of bad eating habits surrounding both school food and dining out more often.  How I decided to fix this problem was by inviting friends to my house for dinner.  Last night I had Rachel over and we cooked up some bowtie pasta with garlic, tomatoes, spinach and fresh basil with a side of sweet potato. It was a great way to unwind from a busy day.

Afterwards we had some time to kill before returning to campus so I dragged her to the South Wedge Market.  Not to say that I actually dragged her, she was quite willing to tag along.  My mission was to find JonJohns Bakery since I had recently bought a groupon for their desserts. I believe it was spend $10 and get $20 desserts--who can go wrong?

Well, by the time we arrived there it was getting very dark and most of the booths were beginning to pack up for the night (and season since it was the last day of the season). JonJohns was easily located on the corner and after quickly getting oriented to the dark marketplace we were ready to dive in.  Jon, co-owner of JonJohns Bakery, kindly greeted us with a welcoming greeting and proceeded to explain they were out of many desserts but there were of course a few left for us.  We chose to get all three types of cookies available, chocolate chip, double chocolate and oatmeal raisin. Rachel and I also kept eying the infamous peanut butter balls so we of course asked for a few of those.

As Jon stuffed our paper bag full of desserts I talked away at how much I love farmers markets and his business.  I love love love local businesses. When all was said and done I believe we were given way more than our $20 worth of baked goods and I promised to visit at the Brighton Farmers Market in the coming weeks (I need to try the sweet potato pastries and carrot cake!).

The peanut butter balls were to die for. Literally. I split one with Rachel on the car ride home and we kept raving about them all night long.  Nothing compares to a good peanut butter treat! The chocolate chips in the filling definitely gave them a thumbs up in my book and stood out from other variations I have had in the past. 

I tried a bit of the double chocolate cookie which surprisingly did not turn out to be my favorite due to a bit of dryness, however, the chocolate chip and oatmeal far surpassed any expectations I previously had. First of all they were HUGE portions and they had great 'home baking' flavor!

JonJohns Bakery
WestSide Market
Brighton Farmers Market

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