Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: The Distillery

Tonights dinner was themed "orphan night" for BPG.  Luckily none of us are actually orphans but its nice for a few girls to get together during parents weekend when they're feeling lonely.  After transferring to UR I realized how big a deal parents/ alumni weekend is.  To make it more clear to you, Bill Clinton is the keynote speaker. Talk about amazing..  However, I was unable to get tickets along with half the rest of the UR population.

This weekend for me consists of catching up with mom and dad, going shopping and a dinner at a new restaurant that we used a Groupon for! I will also be meeting up with a few friends from home/ other schools to catch up and have a good time.

As for tonight, we went to The Distillery on Mt. Hope Avenue.  The wait was a bit long but granted we did have a party of nine.  We crammed ourselves into a booth built for 4-6 to make sure we didn't starve and had a great time!  I ordered the "Chicken Speidie" atop a greek salad which I gobbled right up.  I have to say it was really good.  Usually sports bar food is sub par and mostly fried or somehow bad for you but I think I found a winner in the somewhat healthy category--of course ordering the dressing on the side.  I finished my meal with a dessert of an onion ring that I stole of another girls plate (I am a huge mooch). 

I decided to dress up for the event by adding some pearls to a rather dreary dark outfit.  It was necessary today since the weather has been so rainy and sad.  I rocked the whole tight skirt with tights, black riding boots, a quilted vest & plum sweater along with my infamous J.Crew Pearls.  I really think that pearls can totally change the look of an outfit and make even the most casual, dressy. I have even gone as far as to pair them with a vintage Sabres shirt.

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