Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life on the Run: Leaf & Bean

3240 Chili Avenue
Rochester, NY 14624

Leaf & Bean was suggested to me as a great place to get away and study by a new friend, Danielle. While it is a bit out of the way, all the way in Chili, it has a great "cafe" vibe to it that I love.  If you're from Canandaigua or know the area, think "The Muar House Cafe." 

Originally I thought Leaf & Bean was a chain due to its very corporate website but I believe I was mistaken and that this is the only location.

I arrived around 1:30 today, a busy Sunday, and was unable to find a seat.  However, within a few minutes of ordering an Earl Grey tea, a few groups were leaving.  I would have to say their turn around time is pretty snappy but if you want to sit and relax or do work you're fine to do so.

Their menu ranges from teas, coffees and non-caffinated beverages like your typical blended drink to sandwiches and salads.  Today I indulged in some Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Gouda Soup with a Side Market Salad. Delish. To drink I ordered a tea and was kindly asked to pick from their 20 flavors--earl grey cream. I had never heard of earl grey with cream prior to this but it was most definitely the right choice.

The soup was not homemade but still very tasty and was paired nicely with a heaping side salad topped with all the usual amenities.  The tea began with an initial earl grey taste and as I neared the typical tea aftertaste, I was greeted with a sweet creamy flavor. How surprising? I will most definitely be returning for another cup!

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