Monday, October 17, 2011

100 Years?

The image above is of Fauja Singa, a 100 year old marathoner. Yes you read correctly, 100 years old.  Singa is originally from India but now lives in London, England.  He completed is first marathon at age 89 and completed 8 since. He was the last to finish at around 8 hours but the accomplishment is more than a time.

What really got me though was that since he took so long to finish, the finish line was already being demolished and workers had begun to clean up sponsor banners and signs.  He was greeted at the finish line by family and friends. I understand protocol but this man is 100 years old completing a marathon, show some courtesy.

In terms of inspiration I am now kicking myself for having to withdraw from the half-marathon last spring and am whole heartedly hoping I am able to participate this year. If someone this old can cross the finish line of a full 26.2, why can't I do 13.1?  This shouldn't be a problem.  So while I do my usual procrastination of the night, I am researching running groups and programs offered in Rochester so that I have a support group to get me through this time.

Lets go!

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