Monday, September 19, 2011


Now that I am officially back in the swing of blogging I should mention that I am finally running in another 5k.  I should also mention that this race is a week from this coming Sunday (a little less than 2 weeks away).  While this may seem to be nothing compared to the half marathon and marathon hosted in Rochester this past weekend, the race is for more than self satisfaction and pride.

The George Eastman House "PhotoFinish 5k" is a philanthropy run in which runners raise money and support their favorite cause.  While participants were able to create their own cause on a website known as (used for raising funds), they were also given the opportunity to join a cause already started.  I chose Crosby's Fund since the cause really stuck out to me for multiple reasons.

The fund is supported by the Wish List Society, a group of young professionals associated with the Wilmot Cancer Center that came together in hopes of raising money for a "wish list" compiled of ideas from various sources.  One of these wishes is Crosby's Fund- a seed grant in pediatric research with a goal of finding effective treatment for pediatric cancer patients.

I have lost track of how many runners are supporting Crosby's Fund but the group as a whole has raised over $136,000.  I would love for you to inform yourself and to learn more about The Wish List Society and to help raise money for Crosby's Fund.  If you would like to join this cause, please feel free to donate at:

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