Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cream and Sugar? Neither.

I love ordering coffee drinks at locations that do not specifically cater to self proclaimed coffee connoisseurs such as myself.  Ordering a specific flavor of coffee (not latte, I mean flavored bean) and having them ask if you would like "cream AND sugar" is more of an insult to coffee expertise than anything.  Then the barista or whomever is working the counter quietly slugs off to fill your cup of brew while they have this puzzled look about them as if coffee should not be appreciated for its amazing flavor but should be distorted and altered to save the stomach from medical atrocities such as ulcers.

Needless to say, I love a nice cup of Joe in the morning and am working on the whole expresso shot thing.  I can barely muster the strength to drink a latte, one because i'm lactose intolerant, and two it just ruins the taste and aroma of the actual coffee itself.  I will not lie to you though, I do have my weak moments of needing a Mocha on a chilly afternoon or a skinny vanilla latte.

As you already know, I am living in the South Wedge this semester and have yet to fully explore the shops and area just a block or so down the street from my house.  So, to make sure I do, I am creating a list of coffee shops (both in the wedge and elsewhere in Rochester) that I plan to visit over the coming weeks.  Reviews will most definitely be posted.

The List:
1. Java's
2. Coffee Connection
3. Equal Grounds
4. Spot Coffee
5. Muddy Waters
6. Jembatat
7. Boulder Coffee*

*- Already visited but plan to return for full review.

Hopefully more will follow if I discover them anytime soon.

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