Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chocolate Train

This past weekend I drove myself down to Hamilton, NY to visit Brendan and his friends at Colgate.  I feel silly calling them his friends since I have known then for as long as he has but clearly not as well since I come and go so often.  Besides the usual weekend college activities we accompanied John and Ali, two amazing people who I cannot get enough of, to the local farmers market.  The farmers market sets up in the middle of town amidst a fountain and lovely trees in the middle of the main town area.  This past weekend they were celebrating a Chocolate Train Festival.  Now I am not quite sure what that means since I did not actually see a chocolate train but there were most definitely many things to taste and purchase.

If you're ever in Hamilton, NY check out Maxwells Chocolate.  It reminds me of an old world candy shoppe that serves up the most amazing shakes (We shared a chocolate coffee/ expresso one).  Of course I had to bring my camera and take a few pictures along the way:

Brendan took the photo below of a little boy that was beyond fascinated with this train set and turn tables or something.  He was so cute! Side note, we drove to Sherbourne the next day (another VERY small town in rural "upstate" New York) and this kid was sitting down to breakfast with his dad.  SO yes, let me emphasize the VERY SMALL town.

The town surrounding Colgate is beautiful and I have been in love with it since the first time I visited when Brendan was a freshman.  It seems so long ago! 

In any case, Fall Break is quickly approaching and we are all heading up to Brendan's house on Bisby. Its going to be so nice to get away and spend time with both him and his friends.

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