Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Market.

Okay so as usual I am a bit behind on my posts and for once I have no excuse whatsoever.  What have I been doing?  Next to nothing since classes haven't started yet.  Today I woke up and went for a 2.25m run since Hal Higdon (bow down to this guy) told me and everyone else following his 5k running plan to do so.  Then I met my 6th grade advisor for lunch, but I should probably mention that she is so much more than that.  She is a friend, mentor, employer and all around amazing person to have in my life.  After finishing a great southwestern salad I proceeded to come "home" to the South Wedge and began watching Grey's Anatomy from the very beginning...Yes, the first episode ever aired (thank you Netflix!)  I will most likely purchase the series at some point in my existence but like many things that fall to the wayside (oh I love corny lines like that), money and sheer forgetfulness will put me back a few months or years.

Hokay so this past weekend I was beyond bored with my life since I currently know only a few people in Rochester and the majority of them were busy this entire weekend so instead of sitting around eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's I ventured over to the Rochester Public Market. While the market is rather big I find that most vendors sell similar or the same thing minus those few flower shops and whatnot.  Don't even get me started on the folks that sell bulk canned goods and fake gucci purses, yuck!  Anyways, I tried to stay a while and snap some photos but the place was so busy I kept getting bumped into.  So enough rambling and here is what I was able to get:

Let's start with some B&W of the Mennonite folk, please don't confuse these men with the Amish since they are very different.

I've been playing around a bit with Iphoto since my Adobe Photoshop Elements slows my computer to molasses and I can't even work with the simple quick select or magic wand tool.

I thought of trying out the Sunflowers in both color and Black and White but can't decide which one is best.  For color I enhanced the saturation and contrast level and then decreased the highlights so that more of the background petals would pop through.  The black and white still has an upped contrast level and all that other fancy stuff.  They're the same exact photograph but so different, ah someone help me decide!

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