Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moving Time.

I am finally posting from my new "house" or apartment, however you wish to see it.  I finally moved everything in this past thursday, and I must say that the two hours flew by.  Last year it seemed to take forever to actually give everything a home and get settled.  I believe I mentioned before that I am living in Rochester's South Wedge.  For those of you who are somewhat unfamiliar with Rochester the area is very up and coming.  While it isn't as developed as Park or Monroe there are some great spots.

I've done some walking (and running) around the past few days and have so far been through Highland Park and have eaten at The Beale Street Cafe.  I decided to go all out at Beale Street and ventured away from my usual entree of anything chicken.  "The Pittsburg" as they call it has pulled pork pilled high beneath cole slaw and french fries which is situated in the middle of a french roll, yum!  I hardly ever do anything adventurous when it comes to food so I was pleasantly surprised and suggest it to anyone who visits the area.  Each entree and sandwich also comes with a piece of homemade corn bread and a side (the salad has a great homemade cajun dressing but it is a bit creamy).  Oh and I should also mention that the atmosphere is casual and fun, so go for a quick bite (and even a few drinks) with friends!

As for the whole moving bit of this post and since I did happen to mention that I am all moved in I figure I might as well post some pictures.  Hey, maybe someone actually reads this blog (ahem Carolyn and Maureen, procrastinators!)

After living in a dorm for two years I decided that it was time to make my bedroom a bit more realistic.  By that I mean not some place that you move in and out of frequently but actually put time and effort into since I am there more than I am at home over the course of the year.  I tried to go with this "travel" eclectic theme and this is what I came up with:

For those of you who are searching and searching for bedding and continually find themselves returning to the coveted Anthropologie, look harder.  I found this gorgeous duvet online at some random homegoods store (though a bit pricey it was marked down!)

The two matted paintings above my bed were found at the amazing TJ MAXX.  I swear you can find just about anything there!

Storage ottomans.  These things are cute, decorative and yes they store A LOT.  I have extra sheets, a blanket and about 5 sweatshirts in this one!

A funny story about the closet: My mom asked when I was going to "sort through" my clothes at home to see which ones I should bring to school because, as she puts it, I always bring too much junk that I never end up wearing anyways.  My response?  Look at the size of this closet, I am bringing every article of clothing I that's exactly what I did.

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