Monday, September 12, 2011

Taxi Driver.

Taxi Driver.

Updates Updates. I have been promising Cara & Maureen for weeks now that I would do another post.  I haven't even been that busy yet but still blogging has taken a backseat to the rest of my daily activities.  So the question is, where to begin?

First of all, I absolutely love Rochester and my housemates.  They are all so different but amazing all the same.  Did I mention they are ridiculously fun and crazy?  Just what I need to loosen up a bit and enjoy college life.

Liana and Caitlin are in this kick ass a cappella group on campus known as "After Hours," please check them out on YouTube or FB and you will agree with me 100% or else you're completely tone deaf and have no taste in a cappella music.

This is turning into the post with a million stories but hey 23409823048 for the price of 1 is never bad?  The title, taxi driver, has a story behind it I promise.  Let me get there.  My first weekend here I actually went out with Mandy and Brad at RIT.  I found their security to be a bit too tight for my liking (theirs too) and we ended up only being out for about a half hour...nonetheless it was still a great time with my munchy and we of course added some photos to our family album (sorry carolyn we need a raggedy ann doll to bring with us next time).

we're a little strange together but it works.  She was rather happy that I actually went out and I need to return the favor to her soon by inviting her to UR.

The night ended with an obnoxious taxi driver who initially hung up on my call because he thought I was a typical college girl who had too much to drink and needed a ride.  Well did I show him.  After the third call he finally decided to come get me in his mini-van but forgot where I was.  Thanks UR for supporting this taxi company (at least I got the 30% off discount).  Just kidding.  I actually ended up talking to him the entire ride home and explained that I am a local and super talkative late-nighter.  If he had just simply answered my calls in the first place we could have started off on a better note.  Anyways, first ROC taxi experience is checked off my to-do list and in the end it wasn't half bad.

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