Saturday, April 30, 2011


While I saw Water for Elephants over Easter Break with my Mom, I thought I would take a swing at giving you a little blurb on what is now easily one of my favorite films.  While I originally thought I would have time to read the book prior to watching this in theaters, I was sadly too busy with the rest of my life and will have to make it a summer-lake read.

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon take the lead as main characters of Marlena and Jacob.  While Jacob leaves his hometown due to an untimely accident, Marlena is the wife of the Benzini Brothers Circus owner.  The two meet in quite interesting circumstances and fall madly in love.  While the story takes place right after the Great Depression, I find myself in love with both societal times and the overall feel of the movie.  What was it like to go to the circus back then?  Did the audience really think it was so spectacular?  Ah I wish I was there.

If you have the chance, I highly suggest adding this to an evening or even an afternoon of yours in the near future.  It is perfect for the big screen and a box of popcorn.  While the theater prices seem to be rising steadily, I would say this one is worth your $10 plus a $5 bucket of buttery salty popcorn (and a Coke-a-Cola of course).

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