Saturday, April 30, 2011


Lets begin with something I must admit to you all, I am a health snob (or at least Womens Health Magazine believes so), which is something you already probably know if you know me at all.  Well, I was thinking about this yesterday when I had this revolutionary epiphany about my life goals and aspirations--yes I know an awful lot to handle for a Friday afternoon.

Coca-Cola, or any soda company, has had bottle evolutions across the span of their existence.  I remember getting my first antique bottle of coca-cola (of course it was empty) and thinking that it was so small.  When I traveled to Europe over spring break I identified another interesting aspect of the Coca-Cola brand.  European Cola (or at least in London), does not have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it.  And if you know anything about food and artificial ingredients, this is a big deal!  Cola in the U.S. always contains this syrup, which is supposedly good for you in small doses, but I mean if you have to have it in such small quantities its obviously not good.

Being the serious investigating wiz that i am, I took a trip to Wegmans to find "SUGAR" Cola, yes that is right, Coca-Cola made with real sugar.  The bottles are sold in skinny glass containers and are located in the "international" aisle amongst a multitude of Mexican Sodas (including Coconut Soda, NEVER try it).

So while it is available, the main product continually being marketed to us contains the "bad stuff" while the real thing is hidden away next to taco mixes and coconut soda, not to mention that it is on the bottom shelf.

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