Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tea and Crumpets.

How could I call myself an elegant young American woman and not find some slight obsession with the Royal Wedding 2011?  Though I have been warned multiple times by a certain man in my life that the Royal Wedding, is simply JUST A WEDDING and that people get married all the time, I will go against my better judgement and make one post.

While I could have focused on the entire ceremony or be absolutely absurd and repeat to you what news station "lip analysts" believed to be whispered by both Kate and Wills, I will turn both my attention, and yours, to her beautiful dress.

Okay, my most sincere apologies go to whoever took these photos, I'm tired and quite honestly don't feel like citing them at the time.  I admit I was not at the wedding and some reporter took these, enough said.

Onto my feelings about this classic and elegant yet quite gorgeous gown.  A spin-off of Grace Kelly some may say, but with a modern twist, I am in love.  I have always been an avid viewer of Say Yes to the Dress and have never seen a sleeved dress look so stunning on a woman.  Sleeves tend to add age while wearing a dress but the designer, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, somehow combined "timeless classic" with "chic modern."


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